Feel Good Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and you’re nearing the weekend! Often times we are too hard on ourselves, we need to lighten up. Life’s too short, be happy with where you are and what you’ve accomplished rather than focusing your energy on what’s gone wrong, or what hasn’t gone as planned. Here’s a secret, life never goes as planned.

Here are some lovely quotes to make you smile on this picturesque sunny day!






Ellie Belly

ellie150225_180832 copy

Ellie has an intense attachment to my boyfriend and I. She’s currently on medicine for separation anxiety and we take her to training once a week. She loves going for car rides with us but panics when either of us get out of the car. She wants to be able to watch out for us at all times.

Today I took Ellie with me to Tim Horton’s and usually she tries to leap through the drive-thru window and into the cafe. However, today was different! She sat and waited for her timbits, let me pay (which is usually nearly impossible), and enjoyed her treats while I put my tea in the cup holder. This was such a huge accomplishment for Ellie. She loves people so much and wants to meet every person she sees, so being able to contain herself while the nice woman working gave her treats was a big deal!

Since she was such a good girl I took her to Pet Valu as we’ve been looking for an elk antler for her. It was her very first time coming into the pet store and she couldn’t have behaved better! There were two elderly people in the store who came over to pet her. She sat calmly and licked their hands while they pet her. This was another big deal! Whenever Ellie meets new people she wants to jump up on them and give them hugs and kisses (we’re working on this). However, this time she was so polite and gentle, I was so proud of her!

50 Shades of Review


Curiosity killed the cat. I went to go see 50 Shades knowing I would be disappointed. Once the casting was finalized the gossiping began amongst my friends. The thing is, even though we went into the theatre knowing we’d be let down, we went anyway. I’m sure many people who went to see the film felt the same way. It didn’t matter if they casted A list, B list, or unknown actors. Curiosity would lead every person who’s read or even heard of the book to the theatre.

Strategically opening on Valentine’s Day, the movie pulled in over $81.7 million at the box office over the weekend. Well played. The movie began awkward and simply put, pretty cheesy. I thought Dakota Johnson was okay, however Jamie Dornan was not the right man for the role. I didn’t believe or buy him as Christian Grey. My friends and I compiled a list of others who would’ve fit the role better, physically. These actors include Charlie Hunnam, Christian Bale, Matt Bomer or Chris Hemsworth. Christian is supposed to be this tall, dark, handsome and mysterious type. I found Jamie Dornan to be small, and I was hoping they would make him look taller in the film, however it seemed Dakota would tower over him in heels.  He also found a way to make the role seem even creepier. His eyes seemed like they belonged in a Twilight movie rather than 50 Shades.

The chemistry between them was absent. All in all passion was lacking from the movie.

I’ve yet to talk to anyone who was happy with the movie. What are your thoughts? Who would you have casted as Christian Grey?

Laters baby.

Our Ellie

Ellie 14

Photo Credit: Hayley Blank

Ellie is now 10 months, she has been doing so well at her training and we couldn’t be more proud. Tonight was a very cold evening and none of her classmates showed up, so she got spoiled by her trainer. Her trainer always has special treats for her like ham, swiss cheese and other raw meats.

Ellie loves going for truck rides. She is a baby and makes my boyfriend lift her in like a princess even though we all know she’s capable of making the hop.

Ellie makes us laugh every day. She snores, yawns and groans when she’s stretching out, which we find hilarious. I love to watch her while she’s dreaming about chasing something because she starts moving her legs while she’s laying down. I can tell she’s on a mission and wonder what she’s chasing.

My boyfriend and I talked about how getting her has started our little family and we couldn’t be happier. ❤

Inspirational Blogger Award


Thank you so much to The Beauty Lane for nominating me for the Inspirational Blogger Award! This was a lovely surprise to see when I logged on today. The Beauty Lane was recently featured in my edition of must read blogs. For beauty and wellness advice stop by her blog!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • List the rules and display the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them

Seven Facts: 

1. As your typical Canadian I grew up playing hockey. I quit figure skating at age 8 and traded in my costumes for hockey equipment. My mother was terrified and my father couldn’t have been more excited. I played until the end of high school and then began coaching skating  in University.

2. I ran my first 10km race in November of this past year. It was something I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time and I couldn’t be happier to have reached my goal. Next up- 15km.

3. I volunteer at a camp for kids with cancer every summer for a week. These kids inspire me more than anything else in the world. Their bravery, courage and positivity in the darkest of hours astonishes me. If you are interested in becoming involved please visit Camp Quality’s Website. There are camps in Canada, USA and Australia.

4. I find love captivating. That’s probably why I write about it so often. There’s just something magical about it.

5. My boyfriend lived across the hall from me in my 3rd year of University, we’ve been together ever since. I was drawn to him like a magnet from the moment I met him. He means the absolute world to me and I couldn’t be luckier to have him in my life.

6. I love home decor and spend too much time on wayfair.com. The shipping to Canada is ridiculous so I rarely order but my cart is always full.

7. I love getting mail (except bills) and I’ve kept almost every card ever given to me since my childhood. The ones that are particularly special to me are from those who are no longer with us. It makes me smile to see their writing and when I read their words I can hear their voice in my head.


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Putting Your Pet in the Wedding

Your pet is a part of the family! When it comes to your wedding you may want to involve your dog or cat in someway. You can involve your pet in engagement photos, save the dates, wedding photos, or even the ceremony.

A few things to consider if you would like your pet to be in the ceremony are:

  • Can my dog behave around large crowds of people?
  • Will my dog sit quietly during the ceremony?
  • Does the venue allow animals?
  • Is there someone you can trust to look after your pet before, during and after the ceremony?

Here are a few ways to include your best buddy in your special day. 


1. Bring them for the photo shoot! It only seems right to include them in your new family photos.


2. Have them be the ring bearer. This would take a well trained dog who is good in new environments and around tons of people.


3. Incorporate them into your save the date. I think this idea is so cute and there are so many different ways your pet can be involved! This is nice for those who can’t have their pet there on their actual wedding day. Have them hold the date around their neck or simply have them in the picture with you and your fiance!


4. Have them as “best dog.” Once again, your dog would need to be well trained and able to sit still and quietly during the ceremony. For most dogs this type of situation would be too exciting for them to contain themselves!


5. Have them there while you get ready.


6. Allow them to walk the aisle before you to announce your arrival.

Follow Along


Catch up with the following blogs – Karamma

What do I enjoy more than writing blogs? Reading other bloggers posts from all around the world!

Here are my top 5 favourite WordPress blogs that you should be following:

1. The Beauty Lane

This blog features healthy recipes, DIY skincare, product reviews and beauty advice. The author is knowledgable in nutrition and wellness. Her smoothie recipes are wonderful, I’ve already tried two this week! I highly suggest checking out her blog!

2. A New Perspective Perhaps

This blog features advice, guidance and simple experiences. It is incredibly honest and real. It focuses on her family, positive thinking, parenting and love. For a great read and all around feel good blog follow this wonderful woman’s journey.

3. The Chicago Files

How thankful am I for Cher’s blog about Chicago. This fellow Canuck captures her life in Chicago through beautiful photos, funny stories and captures the history of The Windy City. Although it makes me miss the city more, I love reading her updates and adventures.

4. Saving Sammie

This blog is focused on a beautiful German Shepherd named Sammie. Of course since they are German Shepherd owners I resonate with them and love to see what their sweet girl is up to. Most importantly, Sammie was adopted from an animal shelter which I am a huge supporter of. Saving Sammie reminds us all of how important it is to consider a rescue when choosing a dog for your family. Follow this blog for adorable photos and funny stories!

Feel free to comment or post some of your favourite blogs! I’d love to check them out.

Thank you! 🙂