Sitting Pretty

Over the weekend we celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday and Valentine’s Day! This year for his birthday I made my main squeeze a gift basket with all of his favourite things. A bottle of Hendrick’s Gin, red wine, chocolate, Keg steak sauce, stemless wine glasses, a travel pillow, and a Jamie Oliver grilling guide.

To do something a bit more personal I asked our talented dog walker, Hayley, to take some shots of our baby, Ellie. I’m not picky nor did I have any standards whatsoever of what these pictures may turn out like. For anyone that knows our baby they know having Ellie sit still for a photo is an obstacle in itself. To be honest, I was hoping for all of Ellie in one frame, and Hayley went above and beyond my expectations.

Hayley sent me the photos and I couldn’t believe the amazing shots she captured of Ellie. My jaw dropped and I could barely contain my excitement. I was so happy I nearly cried. Yes, I’m a crazy dog owner who loves my girl like a child. It took everything in me not to show my boyfriend immediately. Instead, I sent the photos to all of our friends and family to show them the stunning pictures. I printed off plenty to give to our loved ones. We also decided to blow some up and have them printed on canvas.

Photo Credit: Hayley Blank

Photo Credit: Hayley Blank

Hayley took these gorgeous photos in our house after Ellie’s walk. If anyone in the Georgina area is looking for professional pet photography I highly recommend her. You can leave a comment below for her email address. Not only is she incredible with Ellie but these photos are something we will display in our house forever.

Photo Credit: Hayley Blank

Photo Credit: Hayley Blank

I’m hoping to invite Hayley over one day to have a family photo done, in the nicer weather of course. In the meantime, I am so happy to have these special shots of Ellie.

Photo Credit: Hayley Blank

Photo Credit: Hayley Blank


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