Feel Good Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and you’re nearing the weekend! Often times we are too hard on ourselves, we need to lighten up. Life’s too short, be happy with where you are and what you’ve accomplished rather than focusing your energy on what’s gone wrong, or what hasn’t gone as planned. Here’s a secret, life never goes as planned.

Here are some lovely quotes to make you smile on this picturesque sunny day!






Self Worth


“Whatever your believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.”

We’re hard on ourselves. We can beat ourselves up sometimes. We are constantly striving to be a better friend, daughter, sister, wife, or employee. This can be incredibly stressful. Recognize your worth, give yourself time, and realize that doing your best is always enough.

Slow Down


I’m full of ideas, goals, aspirations, and generally I’m a person that has a to do list on the go. This particular to do list is always growing and never ending. I don’t write it down, it’s kept in memory where there is plenty of room to add on a thing or two.

I’m constantly running on high gear, and sometimes need to remind myself to slow it down. I want to accomplish too many things at once and can find myself overwhelmed. We all do this. We pile too much on our plate, in a literal sense. Think of it as a thanksgiving dinner, there’s so much you want to eat and enjoy, but you cannot possibly finish it all in one sitting. You pile too much food on your plate anyhow and stare defeat in the eyes as the remaining food on your dish taunts you. Voila, the joy of leftovers. If we take one thing at a time, little by little, we will accomplish everything that needs to done. When we’re kicked into high speed, we don’t take time to enjoy the little things in life.

Don’t lie awake at night and run through all the things that must be done when you awake. It will keep you up, I know from experience. Rather, slow down, live in the now.

Stay present, stay positive.