Ellie Belly

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Ellie has an intense attachment to my boyfriend and I. She’s currently on medicine for separation anxiety and we take her to training once a week. She loves going for car rides with us but panics when either of us get out of the car. She wants to be able to watch out for us at all times.

Today I took Ellie with me to Tim Horton’s and usually she tries to leap through the drive-thru window and into the cafe. However, today was different! She sat and waited for her timbits, let me pay (which is usually nearly impossible), and enjoyed her treats while I put my tea in the cup holder. This was such a huge accomplishment for Ellie. She loves people so much and wants to meet every person she sees, so being able to contain herself while the nice woman working gave her treats was a big deal!

Since she was such a good girl I took her to Pet Valu as we’ve been looking for an elk antler for her. It was her very first time coming into the pet store and she couldn’t have behaved better! There were two elderly people in the store who came over to pet her. She sat calmly and licked their hands while they pet her. This was another big deal! Whenever Ellie meets new people she wants to jump up on them and give them hugs and kisses (we’re working on this). However, this time she was so polite and gentle, I was so proud of her!


50 Shades of Review


Curiosity killed the cat. I went to go see 50 Shades knowing I would be disappointed. Once the casting was finalized the gossiping began amongst my friends. The thing is, even though we went into the theatre knowing we’d be let down, we went anyway. I’m sure many people who went to see the film felt the same way. It didn’t matter if they casted A list, B list, or unknown actors. Curiosity would lead every person who’s read or even heard of the book to the theatre.

Strategically opening on Valentine’s Day, the movie pulled in over $81.7 million at the box office over the weekend. Well played. The movie began awkward and simply put, pretty cheesy. I thought Dakota Johnson was okay, however Jamie Dornan was not the right man for the role. I didn’t believe or buy him as Christian Grey. My friends and I compiled a list of others who would’ve fit the role better, physically. These actors include Charlie Hunnam, Christian Bale, Matt Bomer or Chris Hemsworth. Christian is supposed to be this tall, dark, handsome and mysterious type. I found Jamie Dornan to be small, and I was hoping they would make him look taller in the film, however it seemed Dakota would tower over him in heels. ┬áHe also found a way to make the role seem even creepier. His eyes seemed like they belonged in a Twilight movie rather than 50 Shades.

The chemistry between them was absent. All in all passion was lacking from the movie.

I’ve yet to talk to anyone who was happy with the movie. What are your thoughts? Who would you have casted as Christian Grey?

Laters baby.

There’s Just Something About Chicago

My love affair with Chicago began in the summer of 2012 when I left everything I knew in Ontario to embark on a 3 month long adventure. I love Chicago for too many reasons to list, the people, the skyline, the culture, the food, the art and the vibrant livelihood of the city. With so much to do, and what seemed like so little time, I made the most of every minute while I was in Chicago. My must sees include The Bean, Navy Pier, Sears Tower, Shedd’s Aquarium, and Soldier Field.


The Bean by KM

Chicago represents a lot of things for me, I was 20 years old in a new city learning what it was like to be in the real world and on my own. I learned so much about myself in those three months and I’m so grateful for my time there. My experiences in the windy city left me with a different perspective on the world. Chicago will always have a small piece of my heart.

I ran around Soldier Field nightly (my favourite NFL team’s home base), ate too much deep dish pizza, spent too much money on Steve Madden shoes at DSW, and most importantly, found a second home in this beautiful city.


Chicago by KM

My Sweet Valentine


This year my Valentine surprised me with the same thing I bought him! Gorgeous stemless wine glasses, which I love! They’re not as fragile and I’m less concerned with our pup accidentally knocking one over. He also claims they are less feminine, which I could care less about.

He signed us up to go make our own wine, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. He knows me well and I love doing things together. Now we just have to come up with a clever name and start saving our bottles!

This Valentine’s Day we spent time with family and friends to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. Our family came for breakfast and all of our friends came in the late afternoon. We headed out to a restaurant called “The Naked Wing.” We’re still new to the area and had never been before, it was delicious. It was a really small space so I’m glad I called ahead to make a reservation as our party took up most of the restaurant. Sometimes the smallest places have the best recipes. The guys raved about how good the wings were. Our waitress was on the ball which is half the battle. I’m sure we will be heading back soon for another hockey, beer and wings night.

Simple Things


I love the little things in life. The simple things in life. Emails from friends with a funny picture, the way Ellie looks at me when I get home (once she’s done bouncing off the walls), hot tea on a cold day, and the way you hug someone you love after you haven’t seen them for a long time.

I adore the way certain scents remind you of people, even people that may no longer be with us. A scent is linked to a memory and you can close your eyes and remember being somewhere, with someone and completely relive that moment in your mind. I love slow music at night, something I realized that I’ve missed lately. It’s like every note, every beat takes you once step closer to unwinding and letting the day go.

I love when you’re having a bad day and something good happens. The way an elderly person smiles when you hold the door open for them. When people are genuinely kind to one another. When someone does a selfless act, expecting nothing in return. I adore generosity, when the fortunate give back to those less fortunate. When kids get to be kids in what sometimes seems like this chaotic and misleading world.

I love sleeping in and how comfy my bed is in the morning. Movies you never get sick of watching, and shows you can watch all day. I love bonfires and what happens around them. When people just talk and laugh and forget about the worries of the world for a little while.

I love singing in the car with my friends and making complete fools of ourselves on the dance floor. Not caring about what other people think because I’m happy. I love feeling proud of the people in my life, whether it’s for something they accomplished or a goal they reached.

I love when I get to witness something beautiful, like the way my parents are still in love after 28 years, nature that’s untouched by man, and the way thunderstorms ignite the sky in the summer.

I love the little things in life, the simple things.

Career Path


Prior to graduating from University I found a job in the city where my boyfriend works. It was more or less for convenience as I planned on returning to school in the fall to do a post grad program of some sort. Plans changed, we bought a house and I stayed with the company that I worked for in the summer.

It seemed like a Bachelors Degree was the new high school diploma. I went to school for Social Development with hopes of counselling or working with severely ill children in a hospital setting. Some commended me on this decision while others thought I would be engulfed by the constant sadness and depression of such setting. Yes there are hard days but there are good days too. As with everything in my life I’ll take the good with the bad. These kids are inspiring and wise beyond their years. I landed my dream internship in Chicago during 2012 when I was Starlight’s Great Escapes Co-ordinator for the summer. I got to plan huge extravagant events for severely ill kids and their families. Seeing their smiling faces was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. Our team planned a Cruise, Chicago Bears Training Camp Day and Zoo Scavenger Hunt. All of the trips were free for the kids and their families which was crucial as families who have a child undergoing serious medical treatments in the U.S face serious financial obstacles. The kids were so grateful, polite and thrilled to just be able to be a kid for the day. They were relieved to be out of the hospital and spending time with family and other kids. From that point forward I knew that regardless of how difficult it would be, that’s what I wanted to do.

While job searching in my field back home in Southern Ontario I didn’t fit the requirements for various reasons. I didn’t have 5+ years of experience, I didn’t have my Masters, and needed more certifications.

So I found myself in Marketing. It was interesting to learn the Psychology behind advertising and I climbed the ladder quickly landing a Manager position in 4 months. However this is not my dream career, I have this urge to be in a position where I positively affect the lives of others on a daily basis. I have an innate passion and drive to help those in need. So now I find myself searching for courses that could compliment my degree and get me where I need to be.

Doing what you love doesn’t always come with the financial perks that one would hope for. It usually comes down to choosing between the two, passion vs. money. At the end of the day as long as the bills are paid and there’s food on the table I’d rather be doing what I love for the rest of my life. When I look back on my life I want to feel like I had an impact or made a difference in one way or another.