My Sweet Valentine


This year my Valentine surprised me with the same thing I bought him! Gorgeous stemless wine glasses, which I love! They’re not as fragile and I’m less concerned with our pup accidentally knocking one over. He also claims they are less feminine, which I could care less about.

He signed us up to go make our own wine, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. He knows me well and I love doing things together. Now we just have to come up with a clever name and start saving our bottles!

This Valentine’s Day we spent time with family and friends to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. Our family came for breakfast and all of our friends came in the late afternoon. We headed out to a restaurant called “The Naked Wing.” We’re still new to the area and had never been before, it was delicious. It was a really small space so I’m glad I called ahead to make a reservation as our party took up most of the restaurant. Sometimes the smallest places have the best recipes. The guys raved about how good the wings were. Our waitress was on the ball which is half the battle. I’m sure we will be heading back soon for another hockey, beer and wings night.


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