Putting Your Pet in the Wedding

Your pet is a part of the family! When it comes to your wedding you may want to involve your dog or cat in someway. You can involve your pet in engagement photos, save the dates, wedding photos, or even the ceremony.

A few things to consider if you would like your pet to be in the ceremony are:

  • Can my dog behave around large crowds of people?
  • Will my dog sit quietly during the ceremony?
  • Does the venue allow animals?
  • Is there someone you can trust to look after your pet before, during and after the ceremony?

Here are a few ways to include your best buddy in your special day. 


1. Bring them for the photo shoot! It only seems right to include them in your new family photos.


2. Have them be the ring bearer. This would take a well trained dog who is good in new environments and around tons of people.


3. Incorporate them into your save the date. I think this idea is so cute and there are so many different ways your pet can be involved! This is nice for those who can’t have their pet there on their actual wedding day. Have them hold the date around their neck or simply have them in the picture with you and your fiance!


4. Have them as “best dog.” Once again, your dog would need to be well trained and able to sit still and quietly during the ceremony. For most dogs this type of situation would be too exciting for them to contain themselves!


5. Have them there while you get ready.


6. Allow them to walk the aisle before you to announce your arrival.