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What do I enjoy more than writing blogs? Reading other bloggers posts from all around the world!

Here are my top 5 favourite WordPress blogs that you should be following:

1. The Beauty Lane

This blog features healthy recipes, DIY skincare, product reviews and beauty advice. The author is knowledgable in nutrition and wellness. Her smoothie recipes are wonderful, I’ve already tried two this week! I highly suggest checking out her blog!

2. A New Perspective Perhaps

This blog features advice, guidance and simple experiences. It is incredibly honest and real. It focuses on her family, positive thinking, parenting and love. For a great read and all around feel good blog follow this wonderful woman’s journey.

3. The Chicago Files

How thankful am I for Cher’s blog about Chicago. This fellow Canuck captures her life in Chicago through beautiful photos, funny stories and captures the history of The Windy City. Although it makes me miss the city more, I love reading her updates and adventures.

4. Saving Sammie

This blog is focused on a beautiful German Shepherd named Sammie. Of course since they are German Shepherd owners I resonate with them and love to see what their sweet girl is up to. Most importantly, Sammie was adopted from an animal shelter which I am a huge supporter of. Saving Sammie reminds us all of how important it is to consider a rescue when choosing a dog for your family. Follow this blog for adorable photos and funny stories!

Feel free to comment or post some of your favourite blogs! I’d love to check them out.

Thank you! 🙂


Simple Things


I love the little things in life. The simple things in life. Emails from friends with a funny picture, the way Ellie looks at me when I get home (once she’s done bouncing off the walls), hot tea on a cold day, and the way you hug someone you love after you haven’t seen them for a long time.

I adore the way certain scents remind you of people, even people that may no longer be with us. A scent is linked to a memory and you can close your eyes and remember being somewhere, with someone and completely relive that moment in your mind. I love slow music at night, something I realized that I’ve missed lately. It’s like every note, every beat takes you once step closer to unwinding and letting the day go.

I love when you’re having a bad day and something good happens. The way an elderly person smiles when you hold the door open for them. When people are genuinely kind to one another. When someone does a selfless act, expecting nothing in return. I adore generosity, when the fortunate give back to those less fortunate. When kids get to be kids in what sometimes seems like this chaotic and misleading world.

I love sleeping in and how comfy my bed is in the morning. Movies you never get sick of watching, and shows you can watch all day. I love bonfires and what happens around them. When people just talk and laugh and forget about the worries of the world for a little while.

I love singing in the car with my friends and making complete fools of ourselves on the dance floor. Not caring about what other people think because I’m happy. I love feeling proud of the people in my life, whether it’s for something they accomplished or a goal they reached.

I love when I get to witness something beautiful, like the way my parents are still in love after 28 years, nature that’s untouched by man, and the way thunderstorms ignite the sky in the summer.

I love the little things in life, the simple things.

New Years Resolutions


1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Remember what’s really important in life.

3. Be patient with people.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables.

5. Help someone in need.

6. Turn off the tv and read instead.

7. Unplug every so often (turn off my tablet, phone, tv, etc).

8. Accept that I can only control my own actions.

9. Always look on the bright side.

10. Never go to bed angry at someone.



A happy life isn’t a perfect life. Perfection isn’t attainable or achievable. We are not in control of everything that happens to us. We are going to make mistakes, hurt those we love, be hurt by those who love us, have sad days, have days we don’t want to end, and days that seem never ending.

Love with everything you’ve got. Learn from past mistakes. All you can control is yourself. Life is too short and never goes as planned. Make the best out of everyday.



People can change if they want to. No one can do it for them, and you cannot force someone to become something they are not. However, if they have the drive and dedication to change, they are able to. These changes can span from changing bad habits, altering perspectives, or becoming a better person in general. You may want to change a person, but we only have control over our own thoughts and actions.

Being There


“True friendship isn’t about being there when it’s convenient; it’s about being there when it’s not”

Everyone leads very busy lives. I’m separated from my closest friends. I live in the city, and they’re all home for the summer at the beach. I’m a few hours away from home, so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like. This is how life works, we will not always live in our hometowns, and distance will separate us for the remainder of our lives. This means effort must be put forth in order to maintain strong relationships. When it comes to special occasions, or difficult times I make my way back no matter what. It’s important to be there to celebrate the good, yet it’s more important to be there during the bad. There is nothing more important in life than the people we love.

My group of close knit friends has been through hell and back multiple times. Whenever we need each other to lean on, no matter what the distance or schedules are, everything is dropped to support one another.

So the next time one of your loved ones needs you, make time for them, everything else going on in your life can wait.

Slow Down


I’m full of ideas, goals, aspirations, and generally I’m a person that has a to do list on the go. This particular to do list is always growing and never ending. I don’t write it down, it’s kept in memory where there is plenty of room to add on a thing or two.

I’m constantly running on high gear, and sometimes need to remind myself to slow it down. I want to accomplish too many things at once and can find myself overwhelmed. We all do this. We pile too much on our plate, in a literal sense. Think of it as a thanksgiving dinner, there’s so much you want to eat and enjoy, but you cannot possibly finish it all in one sitting. You pile too much food on your plate anyhow and stare defeat in the eyes as the remaining food on your dish taunts you. Voila, the joy of leftovers. If we take one thing at a time, little by little, we will accomplish everything that needs to done. When we’re kicked into high speed, we don’t take time to enjoy the little things in life.

Don’t lie awake at night and run through all the things that must be done when you awake. It will keep you up, I know from experience. Rather, slow down, live in the now.

Stay present, stay positive.