Friday Lessons


1) Think before you speak

2) Don’t hold grudges

3) We’re all human, we all make mistakes

4) Accept that you’re perfectly imperfect

5) Don’t judge someone before you know them

6) Be considerate of all beliefs

7) Love fully

8) Never go to bed angry

9) Count your lucky stars

10) Be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t


Feel Good Wednesday


It’s Wednesday and you’re nearing the weekend! Often times we are too hard on ourselves, we need to lighten up. Life’s too short, be happy with where you are and what you’ve accomplished rather than focusing your energy on what’s gone wrong, or what hasn’t gone as planned. Here’s a secret, life never goes as planned.

Here are some lovely quotes to make you smile on this picturesque sunny day!





25 Things I’m Thankful For On My Birthday


1. My loving boyfriend who goes above and beyond to make me happy every single day.

2. My baby Ellie, who has taught me that a dog is truly a girl’s best friend.

3. My family who supports me in everything I do.

4. Thoughtful friends who make me feel special not only on my birthday, but everyday.

5. Good surprises, because most surprises in life are not filled with joy and happiness.

6. Warm weather.

7. Kids who say hilarious things.

8. Spring flowers.

9. Lemon water.

10. Wine Wednesdays.

11. Date nights.

12. New socks.

13. Country music on sunny days.

14. Days on my Dad’s boat.

15. Days at the beach.

16. Vacations to hot places.

17. Living in Canada.

18. Dancing in the kitchen while I’m cooking or baking.

19. Singing in the car.

20. Laughing until it hurts.

21. Seeing the beauty in the little things.

22. Handwritten notes.

23. Re-reading a good book.

24. Hearing a song that reminds me of something wonderful.

25. Feeling the kindness of strangers.

Busy Bee


This week has been rather hectic! Now that the sun is here to stay (fingers crossed), I’ve been spring cleaning the house from the outside-in. I’m also getting back into my running routine considering my 15km race is quickly approaching! Myself, my brother’s girlfriend, and three of my best friends are doing the Nike Women’s 15km Race in Toronto in June. Considering the furthest race I’ve done was 10km, I best get back into the swing of things. Otherwise, someone will be piggy backing me to the finish line. Any takers?

I’ve been working adamantly to eat clean as it will be bathing suit season before we know it (joy to the world). I went to Canadian Tire and these adorable little girls approached me asking “do you want to buy girl guide cookies,” and I thought yes but my waistline doesn’t. I try to always support the community in whatever way I can so of course I bought a box, I’m just hoping my boyfriend will eat them all so I’m not tempted :). Mint chocolate is my weakness.

Inspirational Blogger Award


Thank you so much to The Beauty Lane for nominating me for the Inspirational Blogger Award! This was a lovely surprise to see when I logged on today. The Beauty Lane was recently featured in my edition of must read blogs. For beauty and wellness advice stop by her blog!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
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  • Share seven facts about yourself
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Seven Facts: 

1. As your typical Canadian I grew up playing hockey. I quit figure skating at age 8 and traded in my costumes for hockey equipment. My mother was terrified and my father couldn’t have been more excited. I played until the end of high school and then began coaching skating  in University.

2. I ran my first 10km race in November of this past year. It was something I’ve wanted to accomplish for a long time and I couldn’t be happier to have reached my goal. Next up- 15km.

3. I volunteer at a camp for kids with cancer every summer for a week. These kids inspire me more than anything else in the world. Their bravery, courage and positivity in the darkest of hours astonishes me. If you are interested in becoming involved please visit Camp Quality’s Website. There are camps in Canada, USA and Australia.

4. I find love captivating. That’s probably why I write about it so often. There’s just something magical about it.

5. My boyfriend lived across the hall from me in my 3rd year of University, we’ve been together ever since. I was drawn to him like a magnet from the moment I met him. He means the absolute world to me and I couldn’t be luckier to have him in my life.

6. I love home decor and spend too much time on The shipping to Canada is ridiculous so I rarely order but my cart is always full.

7. I love getting mail (except bills) and I’ve kept almost every card ever given to me since my childhood. The ones that are particularly special to me are from those who are no longer with us. It makes me smile to see their writing and when I read their words I can hear their voice in my head.


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There’s Just Something About Chicago

My love affair with Chicago began in the summer of 2012 when I left everything I knew in Ontario to embark on a 3 month long adventure. I love Chicago for too many reasons to list, the people, the skyline, the culture, the food, the art and the vibrant livelihood of the city. With so much to do, and what seemed like so little time, I made the most of every minute while I was in Chicago. My must sees include The Bean, Navy Pier, Sears Tower, Shedd’s Aquarium, and Soldier Field.


The Bean by KM

Chicago represents a lot of things for me, I was 20 years old in a new city learning what it was like to be in the real world and on my own. I learned so much about myself in those three months and I’m so grateful for my time there. My experiences in the windy city left me with a different perspective on the world. Chicago will always have a small piece of my heart.

I ran around Soldier Field nightly (my favourite NFL team’s home base), ate too much deep dish pizza, spent too much money on Steve Madden shoes at DSW, and most importantly, found a second home in this beautiful city.


Chicago by KM

Simple Things


I love the little things in life. The simple things in life. Emails from friends with a funny picture, the way Ellie looks at me when I get home (once she’s done bouncing off the walls), hot tea on a cold day, and the way you hug someone you love after you haven’t seen them for a long time.

I adore the way certain scents remind you of people, even people that may no longer be with us. A scent is linked to a memory and you can close your eyes and remember being somewhere, with someone and completely relive that moment in your mind. I love slow music at night, something I realized that I’ve missed lately. It’s like every note, every beat takes you once step closer to unwinding and letting the day go.

I love when you’re having a bad day and something good happens. The way an elderly person smiles when you hold the door open for them. When people are genuinely kind to one another. When someone does a selfless act, expecting nothing in return. I adore generosity, when the fortunate give back to those less fortunate. When kids get to be kids in what sometimes seems like this chaotic and misleading world.

I love sleeping in and how comfy my bed is in the morning. Movies you never get sick of watching, and shows you can watch all day. I love bonfires and what happens around them. When people just talk and laugh and forget about the worries of the world for a little while.

I love singing in the car with my friends and making complete fools of ourselves on the dance floor. Not caring about what other people think because I’m happy. I love feeling proud of the people in my life, whether it’s for something they accomplished or a goal they reached.

I love when I get to witness something beautiful, like the way my parents are still in love after 28 years, nature that’s untouched by man, and the way thunderstorms ignite the sky in the summer.

I love the little things in life, the simple things.