90’s Canadian Kid

Growing up in the 90’s was the best. We grew up with the integration of technology, knew simpler times, and made our own fun outside. Our imaginative and creative thinking led games and play rather than apple products dominating our days. Summertime has always been my favourite. When we were young we rode our bikes, jumped on trampolines, and swam. We fought with pool noodles, ran through sprinklers, played road hockey, and made barbie mansions out of boxes.

I thought I would share some of my favourite 90s toys since I’m reminiscing on my childhood.


The Crazy Daisy Sprinkler. This thing was unpredictable.

pool noodles

Pool Noodles. The opportunities were endless.


Skip it. How sweet was I on the playground with this bad boy!


Sky Dancers. Chasing these things around outside was all fun and games until one got caught in a tree.


Pretty Pretty Princess. Shockingly enough, I hogged the crown.


Super Soakers. Always handy in a friendly neighbourhood water war, or for soaking the babysitter. Sorry Lisa.


Mini Sticks. These tiny plastic weapons were guaranteed to cause a bruise, bloody nose, or fat lip.


Koosh. The most useless toy I ever had. What does this thing even do? I loved my Koosh, and it got stolen from me in Elementary school, a devastating experience.


Tamagotchi. I could not keep this thing alive. I think I fed it too much.


YakBak. I went through a phase where I wanted to be a spy, I figured this tool would be beneficial for investigations.


Talkboy. More my brother’s toy, buy also a great tool for spying.


Scooters. I could do a bunny hop, that’s about it. I still felt like a boss cruisin around on this beauty.