“The trouble is you think you have time.” –Buddha

Time. It can’t be touched or bought. We have no control over it’s speed. Everyone wants more of it, even though we wish it away. We’re in a rush to grow up, we’re in a hurry to get get things done, and sometimes we lose sight of how important the people in our lives are. We want to fast forward the bad, rewind the good, and pause the extraordinary. 

Boat Daze on the Bay


Being on the water is relaxing and therapeutic. Heading home to the beach and being out on the bay is so peaceful. Seeing nothing but water and the horizon allows you to clear your mind and re-focus on what’s important. Feeling the sun on your face while a breeze fans your body is heaven. It’s refreshing to put away your phone and do nothing but enjoy each other’s company and drink cold beers. We drifted for hours and soaked up rays on the front of the boat. It’s good to getaway from the real world and relax for a while. Make time for yourself, take time to unwind, and most importantly spend time with those you love.