As a child I was afraid of many things. My parents took me to Disney and I ran away from smiling Minnie Mouse after waiting in line for an hour. I was afraid of the dark, ghosts, and probably my own shadow.

Now, I’m a twenty something who should not be afraid of anything anymore, right? I’m still not a fan of being home alone, and things that go bump in the night still make me cringe. Last night around 12am I was down in the basement switching over some laundry when a gust of wind hit the window and made a howling noise. I think my heart dropped into my stomach. It sounded as though someone had knocked on the window and I booked it upstairs. Basically I was out of breath by the time I reached my bedroom. It was nothing, just me, over reacting. It’s funny the way our body reacts when we think we’re in danger, or when we’re scared. It’s not just a mental reaction but physical as well. Our gut tells us to run, get out of there, and we feel nauseous and uneasy.

I think that’s why they always say to trust your gut. To go with your initial reactions, and trust your intuition. We need to trust our instincts, even if it sends you sprinting up the stairs in your own house. 🙂


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