25 Things I’m Thankful For On My Birthday


1. My loving boyfriend who goes above and beyond to make me happy every single day.

2. My baby Ellie, who has taught me that a dog is truly a girl’s best friend.

3. My family who supports me in everything I do.

4. Thoughtful friends who make me feel special not only on my birthday, but everyday.

5. Good surprises, because most surprises in life are not filled with joy and happiness.

6. Warm weather.

7. Kids who say hilarious things.

8. Spring flowers.

9. Lemon water.

10. Wine Wednesdays.

11. Date nights.

12. New socks.

13. Country music on sunny days.

14. Days on my Dad’s boat.

15. Days at the beach.

16. Vacations to hot places.

17. Living in Canada.

18. Dancing in the kitchen while I’m cooking or baking.

19. Singing in the car.

20. Laughing until it hurts.

21. Seeing the beauty in the little things.

22. Handwritten notes.

23. Re-reading a good book.

24. Hearing a song that reminds me of something wonderful.

25. Feeling the kindness of strangers.


Heaven Couldn’t Wait


This week has been a difficult one. The world tragically lost a bright spirited 9 year old girl who’s smile brought inspiration to many. This little girl battled cancer with grace and a smile. She was an angel on earth. She was as beautiful inside as she was out. She taught me to be thankful for each day, to make the best of every situation, and to enjoy every minute of my life.

3 Things You’re Thankful For


3 Things I’m Thankful for Today:

1. Wonderful friends & family who helped us with the big move Sunday

2. My sweet and loving boyfriend

3. My favourite german dog in the world, Chev

My mom and I kept gratitude journals nearly all my life. At night before I went to sleep I would write down 3 things I’m thankful for. It could be family, friends, sports, food, a place, etc. Anything in the world that I was grateful to have in my life I would scribble down.

Recently I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal again. It’s nice to reflect on what you have personally to be thankful for. Doing this right before bed will put you in a relaxed, and calm mood. It also allows you to focus on the things you do have instead of the things you do not.

What are you grateful for today?