Career Path


Prior to graduating from University I found a job in the city where my boyfriend works. It was more or less for convenience as I planned on returning to school in the fall to do a post grad program of some sort. Plans changed, we bought a house and I stayed with the company that I worked for in the summer.

It seemed like a Bachelors Degree was the new high school diploma. I went to school for Social Development with hopes of counselling or working with severely ill children in a hospital setting. Some commended me on this decision while others thought I would be engulfed by the constant sadness and depression of such setting. Yes there are hard days but there are good days too. As with everything in my life I’ll take the good with the bad. These kids are inspiring and wise beyond their years. I landed my dream internship in Chicago during 2012 when I was Starlight’s Great Escapes Co-ordinator for the summer. I got to plan huge extravagant events for severely ill kids and their families. Seeing their smiling faces was the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. Our team planned a Cruise, Chicago Bears Training Camp Day and Zoo Scavenger Hunt. All of the trips were free for the kids and their families which was crucial as families who have a child undergoing serious medical treatments in the U.S face serious financial obstacles. The kids were so grateful, polite and thrilled to just be able to be a kid for the day. They were relieved to be out of the hospital and spending time with family and other kids. From that point forward I knew that regardless of how difficult it would be, that’s what I wanted to do.

While job searching in my field back home in Southern Ontario I didn’t fit the requirements for various reasons. I didn’t have 5+ years of experience, I didn’t have my Masters, and needed more certifications.

So I found myself in Marketing. It was interesting to learn the Psychology behind advertising and I climbed the ladder quickly landing a Manager position in 4 months. However this is not my dream career, I have this urge to be in a position where I positively affect the lives of others on a daily basis. I have an innate passion and drive to help those in need. So now I find myself searching for courses that could compliment my degree and get me where I need to be.

Doing what you love doesn’t always come with the financial perks that one would hope for. It usually comes down to choosing between the two, passion vs. money. At the end of the day as long as the bills are paid and there’s food on the table I’d rather be doing what I love for the rest of my life. When I look back on my life I want to feel like I had an impact or made a difference in one way or another.




Halloween has been my favourite holiday since I can remember. Growing up I had multiple costumes and could never decide on just one thing to be. It was a lot of pressure and a big decision for a kid to make. When I was 6 I was supposed to be a fairy. I had a tutu, wand, and pink head piece. It was pink, girly, and everything a 6 year old could dream of. However, thanks to cold Ontario weather my mother would not allow me to go trick or treating as a fairy, it was too cold out. So what did I end up being? My brother’s hand me down costume from the year before. A tough, green, boyish ninja turtle. I was not impressed, and when I saw what my mom had done to my face (green face mask and black eyes) I cried. I looked like a little boy, and to this day when people see the photo they ask if it’s my brother. My answer? Yes that’s Cory.

90’s Canadian Kid

Growing up in the 90’s was the best. We grew up with the integration of technology, knew simpler times, and made our own fun outside. Our imaginative and creative thinking led games and play rather than apple products dominating our days. Summertime has always been my favourite. When we were young we rode our bikes, jumped on trampolines, and swam. We fought with pool noodles, ran through sprinklers, played road hockey, and made barbie mansions out of boxes.

I thought I would share some of my favourite 90s toys since I’m reminiscing on my childhood.


The Crazy Daisy Sprinkler. This thing was unpredictable.

pool noodles

Pool Noodles. The opportunities were endless.


Skip it. How sweet was I on the playground with this bad boy!


Sky Dancers. Chasing these things around outside was all fun and games until one got caught in a tree.


Pretty Pretty Princess. Shockingly enough, I hogged the crown.


Super Soakers. Always handy in a friendly neighbourhood water war, or for soaking the babysitter. Sorry Lisa.


Mini Sticks. These tiny plastic weapons were guaranteed to cause a bruise, bloody nose, or fat lip.


Koosh. The most useless toy I ever had. What does this thing even do? I loved my Koosh, and it got stolen from me in Elementary school, a devastating experience.


Tamagotchi. I could not keep this thing alive. I think I fed it too much.


YakBak. I went through a phase where I wanted to be a spy, I figured this tool would be beneficial for investigations.


Talkboy. More my brother’s toy, buy also a great tool for spying.


Scooters. I could do a bunny hop, that’s about it. I still felt like a boss cruisin around on this beauty.

5 Ways to Unwind After Work


You just had a long day, your computer froze, you dealt with angry people on the phone, you crawled through traffic to and from work, and you’re finally home. Home, where you should be able to kick back and relax. That would be so much easier if there wasn’t dinner to prepare, laundry to do, kids to entertain, and cleaning to be done. So when you finally catch a moment for yourself, here are five suggestions on how to unwind and relax.

1. Put on your comfy clothes. Most of us are not fortunate enough to get to wear yoga pants and a cozy sweater to work. So when you get home, before you begin to tackle the to do list, put on a pair of tights and a hoodie. 

2. Make yourself a tea (herbal at night). We have a loose leaf tea, called “stress reliever tea” made by Steeped Tea (as seen on Dragon’s Den). It’s a nice hot drink to help you relax before you go to sleep. 

3. Do yoga or meditate. Some of us do not have time to make it to the gym, or a yoga studio. So clear some space in your family room, turn the television off, and unroll your mat. There’s great yoga playlists on if you enjoy practicing with music. 

4. Have a bath. One of the selling points of this house was the deep soaker tub in the master bathroom. Hot bubble baths are really like free therapy. Light some candles, play relaxing music, and you’ve got a home spa! 

5. Read a book, forget about the stresses of your day and get lost in a good story. 


We have all collected things at some point in our lives. As a youngster, my brother collected pogs and hockey cards, I opted for beanie babies, and I’m still waiting to cash in. I also collected furbies, polly pockets, magic tree house books, cards given to me, photos, and magazines. Some kids collected marbles, pokemon cards, model cars or planes, barbies, posters, and movies. 


As we grow older we continue to collect things. I still collect cards, and photos. I try to get a shot glass from everywhere I travel to. The man collects golf balls from different courses he’s been to. I’ve forced my Dad to start a license plate collection from places that he’s travelled, although I started it by purchasing him license plates from destinations I’d been to. It’s neat to collect something small to remember places, or events that you’ve been to. 


We collect things sometimes because they have meaning to us, and sometimes for fun. People have collections of all sorts, such as sports memorabilia, cd’s/records, spoons, books, coins, games, figurines, jewellery, nail polishes, jerseys, and plenty more. There’s even shows highlighting people’s odd, and impressive collections which they’ve accumulated over years and years. Sometimes people are interested in tracking down things that are hard to find, or things that remind them of their own childhood. It just goes to show some people collect for fun, and some are dedicated to expanding their collection!

The Hunt


I remember waking up on Easter morning excited to start hunting for eggs. They would be hidden in my room, and all throughout my house. However, having an older brother I was subject to rivalry and due to the huge height difference, he was at an advantage. One of the many perks of having an older, and bigger sibling.


Yesterday we spent Easter with family, and watched the kids run around my Aunt’s property searching for eggs. Some crows and squirrels also got in on the fun as we watched them snag eggs prior to beginning.


My youngest cousin’s basket of eggs weighed more than she did by the end, and she dragged her basket into the house. Everyone behaved, no one tackled each other to gain an egg, and it was a beautiful day to be outside. There’s no winner, and fairness was guaranteed as all the eggs are divided up amongst the kidlings.

A very entertaining, and fun day for my family!

Put Your Phone Down


The man and I were out to dinner on Friday night when I noticed a mom and her two kids at a booth across the room. Her kids were both under the age of 10, a girl probably around 5, and a boy, around 8.

The kids were busy colouring on their place mats and their mom was busy on her phone. I gawk at cute kids, I adore them, and think they are so funny. So I occasionally looked and every time I glanced over the mom was still busy texting away (I realize staring is rude but I like to think I’m incognito).

As we were walking out we passed  their table and the little girl was tugging on her mom’s sleeve to look at her picture, but the mother couldn’t be bothered, she was too absorbed by her phone. I was sad. I wanted to stop and tell the little girl she had done such a good job colouring and compliment her on it, but I didn’t.

Put your phone down, or away when you’re with people you love. Our society is obsessed with this constant need to be in contact with one another. We’re all guilty of doing it, but if you’re out with a friend, out with your husband or wife and kids, put your phone down. Make sure whoever you’re with knows and feels like they are more important than whoever you’re texting or whatever you’re doing on that cellphone of yours.

The memories you make while you’re out and about are what you’re going to remember. You’re not going to recall the conversation you were texting. Challenge yourself, put your phone away, people are more important than things and technology.