How to Get a Better Sleep


Like many others I’ve fought insomnia too many times to count. Whether it’s stress or anxiety keeping me awake at night, sometimes it seems as though I can’t tun my brain off. I’m thinking about the next day, my plans for the week, what needs done around the house, what needs completed at work, what to buy my Dad for his birthday, and so on and so forth! This is a common occurrence in my immediate family. So, I began to research remedies and tips on how to get a great night’s rest! Here’s what has worked for me:

1. Don’t eat late at night, preferably not after 7:00pm if you can help it. If you indulge in a late night snack this may keep you awake as your body is working to digest.

2. Try to avoid drinking large amounts of liquid before bed. I found that throwing back water until I went to bed resulted in having to get up to use the washroom multiple times in a night which interrupted my sleep.

3. Keep your room cool or use a fan. If you’re too hot you will toss and turn and be unable to get comfortable.

4. Maintain a quiet and dark space. The darker your room, the better you’ll sleep. If you get up during the night to use the washroom, avoid flicking on the bright light. Not only will this light blind you, it can make it more difficult for your body to adjust to go back to sleep.

5. If you’re having trouble relaxing try light stretching before, or even in your bed. Practice deep breathing and muscle relaxation. If you find yourself struggling to slow your thoughts down, try reading a book to distract your mind from your stressors.

Sleep tight!


Running Girls


Today I took Ellie for her first official run with me. For those of you who don’t know Ellie is our 10 month old German Shepherd. This has been a long time in the making as it took a lot of training for her to stay beside me and stop before crossing the road. She did so well and only almost tripped me once. It would’ve been a messy tumble as I got tangled in her leash and probably would’ve landed on top of her. The sidewalks are bare so I was able to wear my running shoes for the first time in what seems like forever.

Ellie pushes me to go faster and I think she’d appreciate if I picked up the pace a bit. She also does not quite grasp the idea of a cool down and would rather continue running endlessly. Unfortunately at this point I can’t run for kilometres on end.

All in all she did so well and I’m so proud of her. We’re now both exhausted and ready to relax for the night. Now we just need the man of the house to cook dinner, worth a shot right?

Pure & Simple


Pure & Simple French Clay Purifying Mask:

This is a certified organic mask that leaves my skin feeling cleansed and fresh. This mask is recommended for those with oily or problem skin. I also use it as a spot treatment for blemishes. I apply a small dab overnight and it significantly reduces redness. This detoxifying mask is 100% vegan and nut free.

Pure and Simple products do not contain the following:

  • Parabens
  • Petrolatum AND Petrochemicals
  • Silocones
  • Sulfates
  • Chemical Sunscreens
  • Triclosan
  • Nanos
  • Synthetic colours, Fragrances, & Polymers

Benefits of Herbal Lemon Tea


There must be some English in me because I am a tea lover. I do not drink coffee under any circumstance and have always reached for tea as my morning booster. I’ve tried many kinds of tea and lemon & honey takes the trophy as my favourite.

Lemon tea offers many benefits to your overall health. It is recommended to drink this tea warm rather than hot to avoid shocking your system. Whether you choose to buy the herbal tea bags or use a slice of lemon you will be reaping the advantages. If you find you need a bit more flavour add some honey to your mug.

I’ve been starting each day with a warm lemon tea and have noticed significant improvements in my digestive health. I drink my tea prior to eating breakfast each morning.

Drinking this tea promotes optimal digestion and aids in relieving the body of toxins and waste. With this being said lemon tea can also help if you’re trying to lose weight. Lemon tea is also recommended for people who are on a cleanse or detox as it helps to break down fats in the digestive tract.

Lemon tea is also good for your psychological health. It helps to decrease fatigue and lifts your mood.

Take a little tea time for yourself and enjoy!

Hulk Smoothie


Over the weekend we did not eat well whatsoever. With company and going out for dinners, we indulged quite a bit. So this week we’re getting back on track. My darling boyfriend got me a new blender and I’ve been experimenting with different smoothie recipes.

My room mate and I juiced on a regular basis throughout University but were always so frustrated by the amount of food that was wasted in the process. I’ve been blending to decrease the amount of waste, and although I love the smooth taste juices provide I am pleased that every ingredient and vitamin I add is consumed.

The Hulk smoothie is a great way to start the day. It’s filling and packed with nutrients to give you the energy you need to get out of that morning slum. I am a morning monster to put it gently (hense the Hulk title). However, this smoothie will start your day off right and allow your body and mind to wake up.

Quick tip* No one wants the mess of juicing or blending in the morning before they head to work. Make your smoothie the night before and store it in the fridge. This will allow you to grab it and go. Enjoy your hulk smoothie on the train, in the car, on the bus or walking!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of kale
  • 1 cup of spinach
  • 1 apple (chopped)
  • Half a cucumber (chopped)
  • Half a lemon (squeezed)
  • 1/2 cup of celery (chopped)
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/3 cup of ice

Blend (or juice) well and enjoy!


My Experience Oil Pulling


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of oil pulling. If you haven’t it’s where you take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes. It is recommended you do this prior to eating or drinking anything in the morning. Once you have completed your 5-20 minutes, rinse with water and brush your teeth!

At first I was quite skeptical. I like coconut oil, but swishing it around in my mouth for 20 minutes? Not my idea of fun. However, I gave it a try, and I will continue doing so. My mouth and teeth felt extremely clean like I had just left the dentist’s office.┬áThis healthy practice is affordable and easy to do at home. I swished the oil around in my mouth while I emptied and reloaded the dishwasher. If your cheeks become sore, relax your face. A final tip, when you are done your 5-20 minutes spit the oil out in the toilet not the sink to avoid bacteria build up or clogging.

The benefits from oil pulling can include:

  • Whiter teeth
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced cavities
  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Healthier gums

Running Woes


You’ve done it. You’ve motivated yourself, you’re tying your shoes, and you’re getting on the road. Nothing can stop you now. You’re dressed to run a marathon, you’re jamming to a playlist that an NFL team would listen to in the dressing room, and you’re feeling good.

Half a mile in, your tights are sneaking down a bit. A mile in, your ear phones are sliding out of your ears, and 2 miles in, your mind starts to play games on you. Your hair gets in your face and you dressed too warm. You’re now carrying the gloves you had on because your hands are too hot. 3 miles in, a dog wants to chase you and people stare at you like you’re non human. 4 miles in, you hit red lights, somebody honks at you, and you pass another runner going double your speed.

You’ve done it! You reach the home stretch, and you’re almost home. You motivated yourself and you finished your run. You open your front door and you’re untying your shoes. Finally you’re wondering how the hell you’re going to tackle the stairs and who’s going to carry you to reach the shower.