Running Playlist


I admire people who run without music. First of all, I cannot wrap my head around how they do it. I need music to keep me on pace, keep me motivated, and keep me moving! I’ve tried running without music, but my thoughts immediately go to the tightness in my calves, my bad ankle acting up, or the burning in my legs. This is extremely distracting. However, with music, I can focus on the lyrics and the rhythm in order to keep me distracted.

Just to clarify, like most runners, I’m not jogging along to country roads, I need fast, upbeat, and quick tempo music to keep me running along.

Here is my current Spring 2015 Running Playlist:

1.Far East Movement- Bang It To The Curb

2.Yellow Claw- DJ Turn It Up

3.Skrillex & Justin Bieber- Where Are You Now

4.Tove Lo- Talking Body

5.Timeflies- All The Way

6.Laleh-Some Die Young

7.Deorro- Five More Hours

8.Dillon Francis- Get Low

9.Tiesto- Wasted

10.Nelly- Here Comes The Boom

11.Youngblood Hawke- We Come Running

12.Awolnation- Not Your Fault

Happy Running! 🙂


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