Benefits of Herbal Lemon Tea


There must be some English in me because I am a tea lover. I do not drink coffee under any circumstance and have always reached for tea as my morning booster. I’ve tried many kinds of tea and lemon & honey takes the trophy as my favourite.

Lemon tea offers many benefits to your overall health. It is recommended to drink this tea warm rather than hot to avoid shocking your system. Whether you choose to buy the herbal tea bags or use a slice of lemon you will be reaping the advantages. If you find you need a bit more flavour add some honey to your mug.

I’ve been starting each day with a warm lemon tea and have noticed significant improvements in my digestive health. I drink my tea prior to eating breakfast each morning.

Drinking this tea promotes optimal digestion and aids in relieving the body of toxins and waste. With this being said lemon tea can also help if you’re trying to lose weight. Lemon tea is also recommended for people who are on a cleanse or detox as it helps to break down fats in the digestive tract.

Lemon tea is also good for your psychological health. It helps to decrease fatigue and lifts your mood.

Take a little tea time for yourself and enjoy!


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