Full Lips Friday

lips thursday

Today I woke up to a brisk -24 degrees celsius day.  Isn’t Ontario glorious? Rather than allow my lips to turn blue for the day I chose my Motives Neutral Lip Liner + Pink Sugar Rich Formula Lipstick. The combination of these two products allows my lips to look fuller and moisturized all day. Other lipsticks I’ve used in the past begin to peel off or crack half way through the day. I bought a beautiful coral bliss colour from Mac and wore it twice before throwing it out. The way it stripped off of my lips after only a few hours was beyond frustrating. It’s so nice to find a moisturizing lipstick that does not fade away as the day progresses.

The Pink Sugar Rich Formula Lipstick has a bit of shimmer which I love. This lipstick comes in 24 colours including shades of pink, red and purple. The best part? This Vitamin E filled lipstick is only $14.95. This lipstick keeps my lips hydrated even on these cold and dry Canadian winter days.

To view more colours or order yours today click here!


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