Crazy for Kong


Winter Walks – Karamma

Our Ellie can be a handful at times. As a 10 month old German Shepherd she has so much energy to burn. On Fridays I work from home and can find it difficult to keep her entertained. She wants to play with me, she whines for attention and nothing seems to keep her occupied. I take her for a walk at lunch time but when I’m home all she wants is some serious mother daughter time.

Her Kong is one of her favourite toys but I found peanut butter only took her a few minutes to roll through. So I did a little research as to what else I could stuff in it to keep her busy and happy. Of all things, frozen apple sauce was suggested. Before I put it in the Kong I dipped my finger in the jar and gave her a lick to make sure she actually liked it. She seemed impressed so I stuffed her Kong full and put it in the freezer for a couple hours. I removed it and gave it to her on her bed and she was very excited. This kept her busy for an entire hour! She loved it! I was able to get work done without her begging for me to play with her. She was so exhausted from all the hard work that she took a nice nap and calmed down significantly. If you have an energetic pup try this trick! If you have any DIY Kong Recipes that your dog loves please share them below ! 🙂


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