Time is Love


“Love fears only one thing: Time.” – Anonymous

I think one of the biggest indications of love is time. They are perfectly intertwined. When I think about it, the people that love me most in my life are people that would make time for me no matter what. Whether it’s 4am in the morning or they’re occupied with something else, they’re there for me no matter what.

If you really think about it there are a select few individuals in your life that would drop everything for you. Time is love. You have to spend the time, you have to be there, as a friend, as a parent, as a relative, and as a spouse. Whether it’s convenient for you or not. This is not an easy feat, but it’s an important one.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be there in the flesh. For some of us that isn’t possible, but invest the time in supporting the person, whether that’s on the phone, through email or text. Ask how they’re doing, especially when someone is going through a hard time. Remember that the smallest things in life can mean the most to those in your life.

You can’t touch time, you can’t buy time, but it’s the most valuable thing in the world. Spend yours wisely.


2 thoughts on “Time is Love

  1. So true. The people who I am closest to in life will always drop what they are doing in a second to help out or listen. Time is so precious and sacred now days…when you have someone who will give up a lot of time for you, then you know it’s true love! lol

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