Simple Things


I love the little things in life. The simple things in life. Emails from friends with a funny picture, the way Ellie looks at me when I get home (once she’s done bouncing off the walls), hot tea on a cold day, and the way you hug someone you love after you haven’t seen them for a long time.

I adore the way certain scents remind you of people, even people that may no longer be with us. A scent is linked to a memory and you can close your eyes and remember being somewhere, with someone and completely relive that moment in your mind. I love slow music at night, something I realized that I’ve missed lately. It’s like every note, every beat takes you once step closer to unwinding and letting the day go.

I love when you’re having a bad day and something good happens. The way an elderly person smiles when you hold the door open for them. When people are genuinely kind to one another. When someone does a selfless act, expecting nothing in return. I adore generosity, when the fortunate give back to those less fortunate. When kids get to be kids in what sometimes seems like this chaotic and misleading world.

I love sleeping in and how comfy my bed is in the morning. Movies you never get sick of watching, and shows you can watch all day. I love bonfires and what happens around them. When people just talk and laugh and forget about the worries of the world for a little while.

I love singing in the car with my friends and making complete fools of ourselves on the dance floor. Not caring about what other people think because I’m happy. I love feeling proud of the people in my life, whether it’s for something they accomplished or a goal they reached.

I love when I get to witness something beautiful, like the way my parents are still in love after 28 years, nature that’s untouched by man, and the way thunderstorms ignite the sky in the summer.

I love the little things in life, the simple things.


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