Snow Day


Today was a snow day for most of Toronto and surrounding areas. I woke up to snow covered windows, freezing temperatures and tons of school cancellations. My bosses advised that everyone work from home as the commute would be slow and dangerous. This was a bonus as I’m still getting over a cold.

Ellie loves the snow. She rolls around in it, jumps in it, eats it and stomps it into the house. When I headed out to shovel she was furious that I would go out to play in the snow without her. So she barked at the window while I shovelled out our driveway for an hour. She thinks the shovel is her enemy therefore it should always be barked at. My neighbour was pulling out of his driveway so he could shovel and ended up getting stuck. Canadian problems? Most of the neighbours on my road were at home trying to dig themselves out.

I was watching the news and they showed an elderly woman trying to shovel her driveway. This broke my heart. I was actually furious that someone was filming this instead of helping her. She did not have proper winter gear on and her bare knees were exposed. If you have an elderly person on your road, a friend, or relative who is unable to clear their driveway please give them a hand! Go over to their place and do it without even telling them. They will appreciate it so much and it will keep them out of harm’s way. It also creates positive karma for you!

Stay warm & happy shovelling!


3 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Hopefully the person filming the elderly came to help out afterwards!

    I’m glad Ellie loves the snow. I hate it. 😦 I tried many times to at least tolerate it, but I just couldn’t. Mommy’s none too please about it because the second she takes me out and there’s now, I freeze and forget to move. :p

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