Ms. Clean


I think Ellie overheard us saying how it would be great for her to help out with household chores. The other day our walker came while we were at work to find Ellie with swifter wipes all over the floor. Nice of her to clean up while we’re gone. Unfortunately she was interrupted and the cleaning wipes were taken away from her as soon as the walker arrived. Now if I could just teach her to fold clothes and make our bed we’d be set!

Ellie had her first training session this week and she did very well. She’s learning “down” with a hand signal instead of the actual command. We’re working on stay which can be difficult as she suffers from German “Shepherdation” anxiety.

It’s funny, one of our friends is already complaining that all we talk about is our dog, but Ellie is very impressive and I think everyone should hear about her cuteness on a daily basis. She’s the newest part of our family and we love her too much not to discuss her daily activities. You think this is bad? Wait until I have a child (which won’t be anytime soon Mom). Fair warning, my blog will most likely feature an Ellie update at least once a week :).


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