Out With the Bad, In With the Good


I often wonder why people keep toxic relationships in their life. Whether it’s a relative, friend, or their boss. Constant negative energy is poison and it’s bound to rub off on you when you’re constantly surrounded by it. You should not feel obligated to keep a negative person in your life no matter what your relationship is to them. If someone makes you more sad or upset then they do happy, this is not a healthy relationship. If they bring you down, out they go.

I’ve learned to keep my atmosphere and environment positive. I spend time with people who are outgoing, happy, and make the best of everything. When I’m with people who are smiley and genuinely love life, I find myself happier in their presence. Their energy and zest is contagious.

Make a healthy decision for yourself. Out with the bad apples, make room for all of the good people in your life.


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