She Did What?


Oh Ellie, our 9 month old German Shepherd keeps us on our toes. Every day we have a dog walker come to take Ellie out for a walk. When our dog walker came into our house on Wednesday she heard water running. She ran into the kitchen to find the tap on full blast. I suppose Ellie got thirsty and decided she would turn the tap on, and leave it on. We don’t know how long it was running for as our walker turned it off at noon. What a girl. If only she could use her intelligence for good, like turn on the washing machine for me, put my clothes in the dryer, do the dishes, but no she’d rather make us laugh.

A couple weeks ago Ellie had an accident by the time the dog walker had arrived. Right beside the accident was the Cesar Milan book. She had dragged it off the table and put it right next to her mess. Trying to tell us something I guess, better catch up on some dog training reading!


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