Being Happy With Where You’re At


It’s easier said than done. We’re all guilty of wanting more. More money, more time, a different job, or a better car. I want to remind myself and others that it’s okay to have goals but being happy with where you’re at is important.

You may not be ecstatic about every aspect of your life and maybe you want to improve your social life, how much time you spend with your kids, or becoming a better employee. Perhaps there’s a relationship you’ve been meaning to mend, a difficult call you need to make, or someone you need to visit that you have been meaning to see.  I strongly believe in self improvement in all ways! However, I found myself at a point where there was always one more thing or one more goal I needed to reach before I hit the happiness jackpot. I’ve learned that there will always be new goals and things I want to improve on, this is what promotes growth. There’s also nothing wrong with being happy while you work away to reach those goals and grow! I’ve learned that you can have both. Be proud of where you are and excited about where you’re headed.


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