Do you ever find your mind drifting off? I used to day dream during boring lectures about places I’d rather be or people I’d rather spend time with. Now I find my mind drifting while I’m driving, to the point where I nearly ran a red light the other day. The daydreaming usually turns into real dreaming when I’m the passenger in a vehicle for a long trip. I’m constantly thinking, planning, and organizing in my head. I’m always thinking ahead and steering my thoughts towards the big picture. I find myself wondering how I could make someone else’s day, how to be a better person, our future and what my next project is.

Tonight I was cooking dinner, sautéing veggies and baking chicken. I was plating the chicken when I grabbed the side of the pan that had just come out of the oven and burnt my thumb pretty badly. Since then I’ve been icing my hand and applying aloe vera. I need to start focusing on the task at hand and slow down! Although I enjoy drifting off and daydreaming too much to give it up completely.


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