Who Rescued Who?


It’s amazing what a dog brings to a home. My Dad always talked about how our rescue Chevy saved us instead of vice versa. A dog brings a family closer together. A dog is a part of the family that everyone looks after, everyone cares about, and everyone receives attention from. I always looked forward to seeing my Chev when I would visit back home and he would be overly excited and jump on me once I came through the door. They say German Shepherds choose a person. They will be protective and loving to the whole family but they have one person that they are even more attached to. For Chevy this was my Dad. I think from the moment my Dad picked Chevy up off the road when he was hit by a car that connection was made. Although Chev was hurt and had a broken leg, it was a good day because Chevy was rescued and brought into our house. From that day forward he was a part of our family.

Dogs are loyal. They love you no matter what and are always happy to see you, even if you’ve had a bad day. Dogs are protective. If a visitor comes, a car pulls in, or there’s kids walking by, you’re probably going to know about it. Our German Ellie is alert and aware at all times unless she’s in a deep sleep dreaming about chasing rabbits. Her ears point up and she looks around whenever she hears any kind of noise. She’s a little detective, always checking things out and making sure we’re okay. The blinds must be up at all times so she can see outside. She’s basically the neighbourhood watch. She is incredibly curious. She wants to know about everything and she’ll watch you to learn how it’s done. We think this is how she figured out to escape from her crate.

I’m so happy that we rescued a German, just like we did when I was a child. We are already so attached to Ellie and she’s really turned our new house into a home.



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