Fly By


Weekends always fly by. No matter what, it seems like I blink and the weekend is over. There’s so much to do and so little time. With the new house comes endless projects. We come home from work, spend time with the dog, make dinner, and usually after that we’re spent. If only the weekend could be a day longer.

Oh how I love weekends. Sleeping in, real breakfasts, morning tea, and spending time with my loves. I don’t even mind when Ellie steps on my face to wake me up. Weekdays however are the enemy. Waking up early, calling a granola bar breakfast, taking my tea to go, grumbling instead of talking and saying bye to Ellie at 7:30am. Not to mention, working all day vs. doing what I want to all day. Weekdays I’m forced to get up and get going. We commute to work and by the time the sun is shining and I’m pulling into work I’m just starting to get comfortable with talking.

By the time the work day is done I’m 3 teas deep and wide awake. It’s like 4 o’clock rolls around and I turn into the energizer bunny. I’m excited to get home and see my favourites.


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