Home Alone: Ellie Edition


Ellie showed us this week who runs the house. She took down most of the blinds in our house while we were at work, to see outside of course, and jumped on top of the kitchen counter. She demolished a kleenex box, perhaps she’s got the sniffles like I do. She went on to open some Christmas presents, which in her defence she could’ve thought were for her since we didn’t have her on Christmas Day. She also strategically moved the bench sitting in front of our window to the hallway as it was obstructing her view to the outside world. God forbid she might miss a passing squirrel or rabbit!

The Ellie cam is proving to be quite entertaining and sometimes stressful. When either of us see her up on the counter we start to panic because we’re worried she’s going to get hurt. We tried to block her off with a baby gate but of course she took that down easily.  We will have to look into other options to keep the incredible hulk from ending up on the counter.

Ellie is now on anxiety medication which I think actually helped her today! She laid down much more than usual during the day which was a relief. I hope she will continue to become comfortable at home on her on and learn to relax!


2 thoughts on “Home Alone: Ellie Edition

  1. Just a tip, it’s helpful to make sure miss ellie is in a calm state each time you leave, laying down, etc. It might take practice, but rule of thumb is that the state of mind they’re in when you go, will be maintained until you arrive back home. Hope she’s getting more comfortable! Best wishes!

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