Over the break we got a dog! We talked it through and although some people think we impulsively adopted Ellie, it’s something we’ve both wanted for a long time.

Ellie (Eleanor when she’s in trouble) is an 8 month old german shepherd. We are her third home. We don’t know a lot about the household she grew up in but we know she was abused at some point. Ellie is loving and full of energy. She’s our baby and sleeps with us every night. I wake up to her in between us and you can tell she’s just so happy that she’s found a home who isn’t going to give up on her.

Ellie has quite the personality. She tries to walk me instead of the other way around, she despises squirrels, loves her stuffed Pumba, and enjoys watching Team Canada play in the World Juniors. Ellie plays hide and seek with her bones. She hides them to make sure we don’t chew them of course.

Today we both went back to work and had to crate Ellie which was hard. We hired a dog walker to come at noon hour to let her out and set up the “Ellie cam” (yes we’re those over protective parents). We both got live feeds of the Ellie cam to our phones. Ellie was good all morning, was excited to see her walkers, and then she ESCAPED! I got a text saying “she’s out, she’s escaped, I repeat, she’s escaped.” I immediately looked at the feed to see Ellie’s crate empty. From one o’clock on the house was all hers. We had no idea what we’d be coming home to as the Ellie cam only shows the kitchen.

We came home to find Ellie, who had been sleeping on our bed, and not much of a mess. Ellie did more damage to the crate than the house. She bent metal wires to escape and houdini’d her way out! Our pup did not damage a thing in our house. She didn’t have an accident, didn’t chew anything she wasn’t supposed to, and didn’t scratch at the door to get out. We were so happy and relieved. Needless to say, the crate is gone. Where the crate once was needs some love. Scratches on the walls, paint chipped off the trim, all from her trying to escape from the crate.

We’re planning on enrolling Ellie in some training classes so she can get to socialize with other dogs. Her first vet visit with us is on Wednesday, so I’m sure there will be a story to follow.


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