Christmas break is almost over for us! It’s been a very busy vacation with the move, unpacking, visiting family, and just to make our lives more hectic, we got a dog! The house is coming along and we are finding a place for everything.

Our first few days in the new nest were troublesome as our washing machine broke, furnace had an issue, and if that wasn’t enough, we woke up one night to scratching in the walls. Turns out a family of mice thought our house would be a nice place to spend Christmas. The scratching was so loud it woke us up as we thought the mice were in our room chewing through our bed frame. They were literally right where our heads go on our pillows. At first I thought it was our pup scratching at the floors, and when I looked down to see she was asleep at our feet I was very confused. Considering we were both half asleep neither of us were thinking straight. We moved the bed to check the floors and had nothing ready to catch the mice. Thank god Pinky and the Brain were still trapped in the wall.

Since then we have caught a couple in traps in the garage, which is below our bedroom, and found their entry point. I did not sign up for Ratatouille or Stuart Little as a new pet. The cartoon version are much cuter than the real thing.

I hope everyone had a safe, happy, and mice-less holiday!


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