The New Nest


The first thing I tackled when we got our keys to our new home was the tree. Everything else could wait for a later time. I’ve been waiting to put this baby up for a long time! Growing up we always had a real tree. My dad, my brother and I would head out on the snowmobiles or ATV’s and chop one down Clark Griswold style. We would pick the perfect tree on my Poppa’s property each year. We would drag it home, it would be way too big, and we would have to trim it down or let it squish against the ceiling.

One year we left the tree at my Poppa’s house as it was too large to take back on the sleds. We headed back with the truck and to our surprise the family Christmas tree fell out of the truck and we didn’t realize until we were down the road. We quickly turned around to retrieve our beloved tree, only to find it had been run over multiple times. This did not deter us whatsoever, I think it made us love it even more. We picked it back up, took it home, and it was the ugliest, bare, best Christmas tree we ever had.


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