Best Ship is Friendship


Over the weekend one of my good friends came to visit to help me pack. She drove almost 3 hours just to give me a hand, which is incredibly caring and considerate.

We went for a walk through of our new house and I showed her the small things we wanted to change. We drank wine, went shopping, and watched Full House (now on Netflix, how exciting). Needless to say it was a successful weekend.

I am very grateful to have friends like her in my life, who will literally drop everything that’s going on in order to lend a helping hand. We are fortunate to be within driving distance to our close friends and family.

We’ve also had an overwhelming amount of people ask if we need help moving. Moving during a Canadian winter is not the most fun thing one could do on their Christmas holiday! It’s cold, there will most likely be a blizzard, and it’s slippery. We also have a lot of stuff considering it’s just the two of us. Regardless, I feel incredibly lucky to have so much help as many hands make for light work. I am very grateful for all of the generosity and kindness that surrounds us this holiday season!


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