The newest member of our family is a loving and playful German Shepherd named Cruze. Cruze was the runt of her litter and is now growing like a weed. After losing our family’s baby, Chevy, it was debated whether getting a new dog was the right decision. Now we are all so happy that we chose to welcome another German Shepherd into the family.

Cruze is a lot like Chevy, she’s loyal, protective, and intelligent. She adores my Dad and follows him wherever he goes. Cruze was even named after Chevy (Chevrolet Cruze), which is the car I drive.

Dogs give so much love without asking for anything in return, other than maybe throwing the ball for them two hundred times. They adore you no matter what, and never get mad at us, unless we leave them at home instead of taking them for a car ride.

When it comes time for us to get a dog, as I’ve mentioned before, we will definitely visit the local shelter. Hopefully there’s a loving German that we can adopt when the time comes.


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