Our New Chapter – Home Sweet Home


We’re embarking on a new chapter in our lives as we just bought our first house! We couldn’t be happier and we will be moving in right before Christmas. Just in time to put up our tree and unpack the essentials. We look at pictures of the house everyday, planning where we are going to put furniture, what colour to paint the basement, and coming up with 50 DIY projects a daily.

Our first house will be the place where we experience many firsts in life together. Our excitement builds everyday as we are only weeks away. We will be weekend warriors on a regular basis as we make our house into the home of our dreams.

The house hunt was not smooth. We literally looked at every angle from new builds to resales and complete renovations. We began looking a few months ago and had our hearts broken a few times. The housing market in the GTA is competitive, a house would come on the market and be sold before the end of the week. We had to move fast and the pressure was on. This was stressful as we didn’t have time on our side when it came to discussing the pros and cons of each house. Basically, by the time we were ready to make an offer the house would be sold. We would go for a viewing at 7:00pm and the agent would tell us “you have until the morning to make an offer.” Or, even worse, “you have until 10:00pm tonight to place an offer.” This didn’t work for us as we’re  first time home buyers and prefer to sleep on it before making the biggest investment of our lives.

Reflecting on our house hunting experience we are thankful that we waited and genuinely believe the house we bought is a perfect fit for us. I will post pictures soon! 🙂


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