Black Friday Madness


Black friday really brings out the worst in people. People lose sight of what Christmas and the holidays are all about as they are engulfed by greed. I was appalled by the fights and violence I saw from all over the U.S and in parts of London. People beating one another up over underwear, televisions, and speakers.

Personally, saving $200 dollars isn’t worth a black eye. Christmas isn’t about gifts, it’s about being together with family and friends. However, it seems that yesterday that was truly forgotten. People pushing and shoving one another over a $5 dollar barbie, and trampling over one another to get into stores.

Black friday isn’t a huge deal in Canada, I’m thankful for that as yesterday my faith in humanity decreased. No sale, toy, electronic, or gift is worth fighting someone for and physically hurting another person during what is suppose to be the most wonderful time of the year.


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