10km Accomplished


My race was this past Sunday. I’m glad to say my training paid off and I successfully completed my 10km race! My brother’s girlfriend joined me racing in the 16km race. We lucked out with weather, and although it was a rainy day the temperature was a nice +7!

I started running at 9:30am. We ran along the St. Clair River which was actually quite nice. It was a smaller race and I am not at all familiar with the area. Being directionally challenged, I did end up getting lost about 2 miles into the race. Thank you to the kind woman who chased me down and got me back on the right track. With this hiccup I still managed to finish under my goal time which I am very pleased with.

Nearing the end of my race, with 1km left, there was a glorious incline, which I was so thrilled by. My calves weren’t burning by that point at all, thank you to whomever designed that route. When I neared the finish line I saw two of my favourite faces, my darling boyfriend and sister-to-be. A cute old man gave me my medal and I hugged my cheerleaders.

Although I ventured off track, dropped my phone on the ground, and had to pee for a majority of the race, it was a great experience! The next goal will be to cut a few minutes off my official time. Staying on the right route will be a beneficial start.


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