Running Woes


You’ve done it. You’ve motivated yourself, you’re tying your shoes, and you’re getting on the road. Nothing can stop you now. You’re dressed to run a marathon, you’re jamming to a playlist that an NFL team would listen to in the dressing room, and you’re feeling good.

Half a mile in, your tights are sneaking down a bit. A mile in, your ear phones are sliding out of your ears, and 2 miles in, your mind starts to play games on you. Your hair gets in your face and you dressed too warm. You’re now carrying the gloves you had on because your hands are too hot. 3 miles in, a dog wants to chase you and people stare at you like you’re non human. 4 miles in, you hit red lights, somebody honks at you, and you pass another runner going double your speed.

You’ve done it! You reach the home stretch, and you’re almost home. You motivated yourself and you finished your run. You open your front door and you’re untying your shoes. Finally you’re wondering how the hell you’re going to tackle the stairs and who’s going to carry you to reach the shower.


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