Rainy Training

Running on a schedule isn’t easy. Now that it’s getting dark earlier I have to run as soon as I get home from work or else I’m in the dark. Today was gloomy, it was dark all day and cold. I talked to my seasoned training friend, we’ll call her road runner, and she said running in the rain is fun. I was dreading coming home and heading out in the cold, dark, and wet weather.

I made a new playlist, bundled up, and headed out. Turns out running in the rain is kind of fun. You feel bad ass like you’re running in an action flick only to be disrupted by a deep puddle. It was one of my better runs and although I almost got hit by a car (guess reflective gear from head to toe isn’t enough), I’m glad the road runner gave me a pep talk.

Here are my rainy running essentials:


1. Running room – The Run Jacket $89.99


2. Nike Lunar Glide +5 Shield (Water repellent)


3. Nike – Thermal Headband – $19.99


4. Nike – Thermal Hoodie


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