Fall Date Ideas

The leaves are changing and it’s getting colder! Time to bundle up and take your sweetie on a romantic fall date. On Saturday morning the man surprised me. We woke up early and he took me to Starbucks to grab coffees and headed off. He took me to a local farmer’s market complete with pumpkin patch and corn maze where we picked up desserts, found the great pumpkin, and got lost in the corn together. Here are my top 5 fall date ideas!

Organic Orange Pie Pumpkin

1. Bundle up and head to a pumpkin patch. Pick two pumpkins and take them home for a carving competition. Try to find a neutral judge to decide the winner.


2. Go for a hike in the woods. Wait for a sunny day and enjoy the beautiful fall colours!


3. Head to Starbucks and enjoy pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin scones!


4. Take your honey to a local farm and enjoy a hot drink with a hay ride!


5. Challenge yourself and your date by attempting to bake the perfect pie. It may not turn out perfectly, and maybe your significant other hasn’t baked before, but you’ll have a story to tell.


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