Camping Adventures Take 2


Day 2 of Algonquin: 

As previously mentioned we made all of our food after battling to get a fire started. After enough food was prepared we put the fire out and walked to the lake. It wasn’t hot enough to go swimming so we watched people gawk at the majestic Canada geese. I don’t like birds, but some people acted like they’d never seen one before, snapping pictures like these animals were some kind of celebrity when in reality these birds are vicious and will attack you. I survived nesting season at the University of Waterloo so I know this for a fact. 

Once we got back to the site around 2 we started another fire and got into the booze. We quickly realized we were going through wood pretty quickly, turns out that happens when you start a fire at 2 pm and refuse to let it die. So the man and I decide to do a role swap. Yes, a role swap, his idea. So he began preparing potatoes for dinner and I ventured to the camp office to purchase two bags of wood.

No problem I thought, I can carry two bags of wood a kilometer. Turns out I don’t know my own strength. I got to the office, paid for the wood, and went to grab two bags from outside. I could barely life them out of the trailer, let alone walk a kilometer with these bad boys. For those who know me well, I’m a stubborn mule and determined. I knew I couldn’t go back empty handed so I left one bag behind and threw a bag on my shoulder. Lumber Jack Jill style. I didn’t get too far before I realized this was a horrible idea and the sweat began to drip off my forehead. I was huffing and puffing and this huge bag of wood was making my biceps burn. I didn’t stop, taking breaks would make it worse, so I continued to re-adjust this awkward bag around my body. On one shoulder, on the other, carrying it like a baby, even tried dragging it on the ground. For people driving by this must’ve been amusing. By the way, for those driving by, how dare you not stop to help. I got back to the site feeling like Rocky Balboa after a solid workout, probably looked like him too. My partner in crime ran towards me once he saw the shape I was in and grabbed the bag of wood out of my arms. I sat down, hydrated, and caught my breath. I told my favourite guy he had to go back, there was another bag, but warned how heavy they were. So off he went. When he got back he was soaked in sweat, had noodles for arms, and couldn’t believe I’d carried the wood that far.

Lesson to be shared: don’t walk to pick up wood, don’t overestimate your strength, & alcohol can make you overconfident. 


2 thoughts on “Camping Adventures Take 2

  1. Awesome story Kara. Hope I am sending this correctly. Like you with the wood, I am with technical stuff !!!!! Sounds like a fab experience. Now how do I send this???? Ha

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