The Great Outdoors


This weekend was the rookie adventure for the man and I. We headed to Algonquin park Friday night and arrived around seven. We were prepared, or so we thought. We had everything packed and were excited to make our first meal. We set up our tent, with a few challenges, and then decided to start a fire. Easier said than done. The wood the campground sold us was wet so we couldn’t start a fire. Off to a rough start for the two hungry rookies. We ate sandwiches by citronella candle light. 

To make matters worse, the site beside us was having a feast. A fiesta if you will. They were eating like Kings and Queens. On the menu for Friday night was grilled chicken breasts, sauteed vegetables, and mashed potatoes. You name it, they had it. Our bitterness grew as it became cooler out and we didn’t get to take part in the festivities we had planned.

After cozying up in our tent another adversity arrived right at our door step. A family of 5 could not pull into their site as their trailer was too large. So, the man headed out to help them manoeuvre into their site. In the process, after successfully navigating their trailer into their site, the father of the family cut his leg badly on his trailer hitch, so much so that he needed immediate medical attention. The beauty of being in the boonies is that no one has cell reception. So, we booked it to the camp office to find that no one was there and called 911. The closest hospital was conveniently located one hour away. After lots of stress and commotion the father of the family got to the hospital and needed 10 stitches, thankfully he was okay and returned late that night. 

Our next day went smoother, we finally got a fire started and made some great meals all at once. We feared we wouldn’t be able to get another fire going so we made breakfast, lunch, and dinner all before 10am.

It was a fun filled weekend for a couple camping rookies, nothing went right, and we’re still laughing about it. 


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