Back 40


Regardless to popular belief, I’m Canadian, not a lumberjack. I’m probably not the first person you’d want beside you if you were trapped in the woods. My survival skills are minimal, but that’s all about to change!

We’re planning a camping trip. A couple of camping trips actually. Now neither myself or the man are campers by any means. We are pretty much rookies. The closest I’ve gotten to camping in the last five years is also known as “glamping” which is glam camping. Not to sound high maintenance, but this included air conditioning, a queen bed, television, and a full kitchen. I don’t even think that can be considered camping. We just happened to be on a camp site. Not this time though. We are roughing it. We almost opted for the site with no hydro but we thought we better not, we’re not elite campers just yet.

So tonight we had family over, and they informed us about things we need to consider that we hadn’t really thought about yet. For instance, bears. They told us we need to tie up our garbage, which I thought was a myth, and when they didn’t start laughing, I realized this was for real. Welcome to Canada. Shall be a great adventure. 🙂 If you have any tips feel free to comment!


2 thoughts on “Back 40

  1. Bring bug spray, mosquito coils, and bear spray. You’ll probably need a waiver to buy bear spray, basically you’re promising that you won’t be using it on humans as self defense. Good luck and have fun!

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