Shows I’m Addicted To

Here are the top 5 shows I follow religiously, and yes I do work full time and have a life outside watching television. 🙂

1. Suits


The cast is talented and not bad on the eyes. It’s also shot in Toronto!

2. Homeland


I just started this on Netflix and the man and I have powered through season 1. It’s dramatic, political, and has a few romance plots. 

3. Scandal


This shows got everything. Crime, drama, politics, romance, and more. This is the kind of show I watch and if you dare speak during the show you will be escorted out of the room. Save the conversation for commercial breaks. 

4. Orange is the New Black


This is definitely targeted towards women. This show is dramatic, funny, and the acting is well done. The characters all have their own unique back story as to how they ended up in jail and it keeps audiences captivated. With this being said, this show is not for everyone. For instance, I wouldn’t recommend it to my mother to watch. 

5. Modern Family


Always good for a laugh. 


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