Wedding Gifts

So we’re coming into summer which means it’s wedding season! We have two weddings to go to this summer and of course being the cheesy romantic I am I couldn’t be happier. With these events coming up it’s time to buy wedding gifts. I checked out the registry and yes I realize I should buy them something they want/need, but I want to do something more personal.

They’re not going to cherish a casserole dish, or serving bowl that was bought for them. Rather, I want to get them something that has their name/date of the wedding on it. So here are some unique and personalized gifts I found on Etsy. I may use these as ideas and make the gifts myself, either way this is a great start for brain storming.

1. Personalized Alphabet Photo


Any last name or word can be done, I especially like that the first names of the couple are included above, and the date of their wedding below.

2. Mr. & Mrs. Pillows


These pillows would be a great addition for the newlyweds bedroom or living room.

3. Personalized Names & Wedding Date Frame


Another piece of personalized decor for the newlyweds home.

4. Personalized Last Name Sign


5. Mr. & Mrs. Pillow Cases


6. Personalized Brew Set


7. Personalized Location


Just a reminder that all of the above personalized gifts can be found on

Happy shopping! 🙂



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