Gift Ideas for Her

Gift ideas for your sister, best friend, or mom! Gifts can be difficult to buy nowadays. We want to get the person something they don’t have, something they’ll like, something they’ll use, and so on. Here are a few gift ideas when you’re buying for her!


1. Matching bracelets/necklaces. My best friend got me an infinity bracelet for my birthday, and she has the same one. One of the most thoughtful and sweetest gifts I’ve ever received. ❤ You can find beautiful handcrafted or vintage jewellery at


2. Make a gift basket of her favourite things. This can include her favourite wine, candle, soap, chocolate bar, and so on. It shows how well you know her, and she’ll enjoy all her favourite things!


3. Buy a groupon or wagjag deal and check out a yoga class, zumba class, cake decorating class, or art class. There are endless deals on these sites, and they are local. Find something fun, even if you haven’t done it before, be spontaneous. 


4. Make wine together and enjoy a bottle of your own creation on special occasions. You can brain storm names for your wine label together. 


5. For those of you who live further away from your relatives or friends, send a hand written letter or card. A hand made card and framed photo will surely bring a smile to your loved ones face. 


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