No one is perfect. There’s a difference between being confident and conceited. We all have our faults, and we all have our strengths. Be with someone who makes you feel lovely, who never points out your flaws, unless it’s to better you. Be with someone who makes you smile more than they make you frown, and stay with someone who feels lucky and blessed to have you in their life.

We go through bad experiences and bad relationships to lead us to the right person. We overcome obstacles, have our hearts broken, and wonder why it had to happen. When you find your match, when it clicks, you realize all of the hurt was worth every second. Maybe if you hadn’t gone through so much you wouldn’t realize that what you have now is the most beautiful and sacred love. When you find your other half, the past no longer matters. The present is wonderful, and that’s what is remarkable. Stay happy, stay smiling, and grow stronger together.


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