Positive Surroundings


When we surround ourselves with negative people, or negative thoughts, we’re bound to become negative. We are a product of our environment. Have you ever noticed that you become more like the people you hang around with the most? For instance, more athletic with your sporty friends, more stylish with your fashionable friends, a better baker or cook with your Chef Ramsay fans, etc. We alter our behaviour automatically depending on who we’re around. We use simple language around children, we do not swear in front of the elderly (at least not intentionally), and we act professionally at work.

If you’re surrounded by positive thoughts, and positive people, you will notice your behaviour and manner becomes more positive too. I wonder if I should have said positive once more in that last sentence just to get my point across. I’ve found that I can be affected by other’s moods easily. If someone is sad or upset, I usually am sad and upset for them too. If someone is happy and infectious, I find myself smiling and laughing too. So if you’re having a bad day, surround yourself with positive people, things, and thoughts.


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