Birthday Girl


Yesterday (April 28th) was my birthday, and it was full of surprises!!! Thank you to all of my friends and family who made it so special. I took the day off work, spent time with two of my best friends, and went out for dinner with the man. I got two of my favourite things, mail and cards. My brother and his lovely girlfriend sent me flowers, I heard from many of my loved ones (including my darlings in Dominican), and the man surprised me with a trip! We’re going away in July and I’m so excited!

As a child I had the typical birthday parties. I had a bowling alley party, karaoke party, pool party, and even had ponies come to my house when I was very little. Looking back I commend my parents for looking after so many yelling, screaming children at my birthday parties. Running around with a sugar high I’m sure my little friends and I were a handful. Downing pixie sticks, eating icing, and considering cake to be a meal, I can remember bolting around the house and tearing open gifts. I enjoyed picking out goodie bags, and themes for my parties with my mom. DQ cakes were always a hit. Now as I’m older, getting to hear from friends and family or spending time with loved ones on my birthday is the best gift. 

Thank you to everyone for making yesterday so special 🙂 ❤


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