We have all collected things at some point in our lives. As a youngster, my brother collected pogs and hockey cards, I opted for beanie babies, and I’m still waiting to cash in. I also collected furbies, polly pockets, magic tree house books, cards given to me, photos, and magazines. Some kids collected marbles, pokemon cards, model cars or planes, barbies, posters, and movies. 


As we grow older we continue to collect things. I still collect cards, and photos. I try to get a shot glass from everywhere I travel to. The man collects golf balls from different courses he’s been to. I’ve forced my Dad to start a license plate collection from places that he’s travelled, although I started it by purchasing him license plates from destinations I’d been to. It’s neat to collect something small to remember places, or events that you’ve been to. 


We collect things sometimes because they have meaning to us, and sometimes for fun. People have collections of all sorts, such as sports memorabilia, cd’s/records, spoons, books, coins, games, figurines, jewellery, nail polishes, jerseys, and plenty more. There’s even shows highlighting people’s odd, and impressive collections which they’ve accumulated over years and years. Sometimes people are interested in tracking down things that are hard to find, or things that remind them of their own childhood. It just goes to show some people collect for fun, and some are dedicated to expanding their collection!


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